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I'm a veterinarian in progress with a passion for public health; infectious disease control and prevention; and large animal medicine.

My less scientific side enjoys:

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This blog is an amalgamation of things that I find to be enjoyable, interesting, and important.

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Some of these pictures are mine, some are not. I don't take credit for the latter.

Monkey HHV-1 Epizootic →

This is a report of a 2008 epizootic of Human Herpes Virus 1 in wild marmosets. Transmission is believed to have occurred due to the high level of interaction between humans who were feeding the animals in their condominium complex.

This is a great example of the dangers that humans pose to wildlife, rather than the more highlighted variant of wildlife spreading disease to human populations. Yet another event to strengthen support for zoonotic disease research and prevention.HHV-1 caused gross lesions (including encephalitis) in affected New World primates

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